Things to Know Before Moving to Small-Town Maine

Freeport is a lovely Cumberland County town that’s the epitome of small town Maine. If you want to reap the rewards of a laid-back and serene New England lifestyle, then relocating to beautiful Freeport may be the right solution for you and your household. Before you move, however, it can be smart to learn the ins and outs of the small town life in Maine. While the cute B&Bs and area’s great eateries might be all you need for a nice vacation, does the area offer enough amenities for full-time residents? Moving to sleepy Maine can be a big transition for people who are used to living in more fast-paced and bustling parts of the country.


Weather in Small Town Maine Can Sometimes Be Rather Unpredictable

Weather in Maine can sometimes seem rather volatile. You may in the course of one single day experience moderate rain, intense sleet, heavy snow and even pleasant sun. You don’t have to panic if you notice weather extremes that come and go quickly in Maine, however. It’s all in a day’s work for the locals. They’re used to it. You can get used to it, too. The unpredictable weather is part of the charm!

It’s Smart to Have the Right Wardrobe

You shouldn’t move to small town Maine expecting to wear the same exact outfits you donned in Los Angeles, California or New York, New York. That would be unrealistic. If you want to accommodate the climate, it can be smart to invest in a good number of fisherman’s sweaters. A few nice pairs of sturdy and resilient boots, like those sold by local outfitter LL Bean, can also do the trick. Remember, you may be walking in a lot of heavy snow.

Excellent Dining Opportunities Abound

There are many excellent things about living in small town Maine. Excellent food is one of them. If you want to feast on the finest foods available in life, relocating to Maine can get you on the correct path. What could be more mouthwatering than fresh local seafood, anyway? Seafood isn’t the only type of yummy food that’s easy to find in Maine, either. If you want to feast on scrumptious donuts (locals love Frosty’s), appetizing Italian delights, and hearty dumplings galore, you can barely go wrong in small town Maine. Options in Maine dining run the gamut. Food snobs from other parts of the United States need not worry for a second.

The Locals Tend to Be Warm and Friendly

People who live in small town Maine tend to be warm, friendly and inviting people. There are always exceptions, too, however. Don’t forget that Maine is brimming with people who originally come from different sections of the country since this is a popular state for retirement. Maine residents in general, though, tend to be an amiable, relaxed and pleasant bunch. If you want to enjoy carefree conversations with people who are down to earth and humorous, you should have the time of your life in Maine. People in Maine usually aren’t too pretentious. They’re often honest people who tell it like it is. They’re often folks who go above and beyond to make others feel great as well!


Preparing to Move to Maine

Chances are, if you’re moving to Freeport, you’re crossing at least one state line (if not several) to get here. Given the long distance to get here and the sometimes brutal weather, it may be best to invest in hiring a moving company. Without having to worry about driving the moving truck, you can relax and enjoy the scenery on the drive up. To assist with your relocation, we recommend the following companies:

Local Muscle Movers

Moving company with two locations, one in Burlington, VT and the other just down the road from Freeport in Portland. If you’re moving in the dead of winter, these movers occasionally offer special discounted rates (up to 20% off), plus they have storage services if your new home isn’t quite ready to move into.

Great Guys Moving

This nationwide moving company has local operations in Atlanta and Wilmington, DE. Great Guys services New England moves out of its Delaware location, but specializes in helping customers moving long distance. If you’re moving to Maine from afar, use Great Guys to scope out the lowest long distance mover prices.

Allen & Coles Moving Systems

These Portland movers service moves in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, which makes them the convenient choice if you’re moving from nearby. Allen & Coles has been moving New England since 1986 and with a team of over 100 employees, they can help you move to Maine from practically anywhere in the world.



Top 5 Bars and Restaurants in Freeport Maine

Freeport, Maine is becoming one of the leading travel destinations on the coast. Aside from its history and famous attractions, Freeport is also home to an excellent dining restaurant. These five restaurants are sure to please the palate of any visitor to the city.


1. Conundrum Wine Bistro

Conundrum Wine Bistro is the best place in Freeport to have a relaxing glass of wine. Their menu features over 500 bottles and 40 wines by the glass. Unlike many wine bistros, Conundrum has a no-judgement atmosphere where guests can choose their own dining experience. Their dinner menu is constantly in rotation depending on which ingredients are fresh and in season, so the online menu may not always be up to date. It may not be the place to bring a picky child, but according to the Press Herald, it’s the best spot in Freeport to have a drink.

2. Broad Arrow Tavern

Broad Arrow Tavern has one of the most diverse menu offerings in Freeport. They have not only breakfast and lunch buffets, but also an afternoon tea special in their English-style drawing room. The highlight of Broad Arrow Tavern is its open kitchen concept, where you can watch as their team of expert chefs cook your meal. Unfortunately, Broad Arrow Tavern doesn’t accept reservations, so you may have to wait for your table. The wait is worth it, however.

3. Maine Craft Distilling

Maine Craft Distilling features the best of Maine’s craft drinks. Their philosophy is “farm to flask,” so you can be sure their spirits are locally sourced. Because it is a tasting room and doesn’t offer food, children aren’t allowed and the hours are limited. However, visitors will be treated to a unique Freeport experience and can even bring home an exclusive Maine Craft Distilling gift from their shop.


4. Jameson Tavern

Jameson Tavern is an excellent place for history lovers and tourists. This historic tavern first opened its doors in 1779 and still offers a menu inspired by early Americans. Called “The Birthplace of Maine,” Jameson Tavern has a menu of delicious seafood, burgers, and microbrews. One of the best dishes on the menu is the award-winning clam chowder. As an extra treat, you may even meet a ghost–Jameson Tavern claims it’s haunted.

5. Lobster Cooker

Lobster Cooker is an impressive venue. This grill and sports pub is located in a refurbished barn with an outdoor patio, giving it a historical and unique atmosphere. As its name suggests, Lobster Cooker is known for its lobster rolls, which feature heaps of lobster upon a delicious bun. It puts a Maine twist on traditional pub fare. Lobster Cooker is conveniently located near shopping centers, so it is a good place to have a casual meal for lunch or dinner.


5 Cutest Inns and B&Bs in Freeport, Maine

The small oceanfront town of Freeport, Maine is home to state parks, an outlet mall, delicious lobster restaurants, and, most importantly, dozens of cozy inns and B&Bs. With all of these great accommodation options, you may have a hard time figuring out which one would make your adventure the most enjoyable. Without further ado, here are the five cutest inns and B&Bs of Freeport, Maine.


1. James Place Inn Bed and Breakfast

Built in 1890, the James Place Inn is a Victorian-style cottage that can transport you back to the 17th century. For just $167/night, you can relax in the vintage atmosphere of this inn after spending a day out on the town, shopping, hiking, and dining. However, the most highly praised aspect of the James Place Inn is the gracious hospitality of the innkeepers, who are happy to help whenever you need it, from the minute you reserve your stay up until the end of your visit.

2. Brewster House Bed & Breakfast

The spotless, cozy aesthetic of Brewster House Bed & Breakfast has been drawing guests to the property since 1888. For only $189/night, you can enjoy some French-press coffee and a delectable three-course breakfast before heading out to explore the nearby attractions, like the Desert of Maine and L. L. Bean’s world headquarters.

3. Kendall Tavern Inn Bed and Breakfast

Just a short walk from the 24-hour shopping scene of Freeport Village, Kendall Tavern Inn Bed and Breakfast is an excellent accommodation for both couples and families alike. With rates as low as $169/night, Kendall Tavern Inn provides an extensive breakfast that can accommodate for all of your needs, including gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.

4. Candlebay Inn

As one of the few pet-friendly inns in Freeport, the Candlebay Inn offers rooms from as low as $109/night. Thanks to their accommodating policy, you can now take your dog with you on a stroll through the famous shopping district or on the run through Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park.

5. White Cedar Inn Bed and Breakfast

Unlike the other accommodations on this list, the White Cedar Inn Bed and Breakfast has explicitly stated that they are an “environmentally friendly lodging.” They have committed themselves to reducing their footprint on Earth through policies like water, electricity, and oil consumption reduction, and many of their guests share similar views. With rooms starting at $130/night and only a short walk from the famous outlet mall and well-known lobster restaurants, guests of the White Cedar Inn Bed and Breakfast tend to come back year after year.

Now the only question is where are YOU going to stay when you visit Freeport, Maine? We’re sure no matter which accommodations you choose, you’re sure to have a great time! In fact, your visit might even inspire you to move here!